Common Subject

How to Learn by e-Learning (U. Belfast)

What is e-Learning?

e-Learning Tools


Searching Tips

Plagiarism and Online material



Law Studies

Introductory subjects

Law and governance (U. Torun, U. Zaragoza)

Social and political consequences of the mass usage of ICT

A shift from government to governance in post-modern era

The concept of electronic governance and its growing importance.

Risks and chances involved.

Introduction to computer ethics

Functions of law in a demo-liberal information society


Introduction to the European Information Society (U. Belfast)

The Information Society

Copyright and e-Commerce

Privacy and Data Protection


Final Assignment


Quality in Legal Context (U. Lapland)

Practical introduction: learning problems

Introduction to Legal Quality

Quality in the lifecycle of information



Private Law

Foundations of Private Law (U. La Laguna)


Sources of Law

Legal person and natural person

Introduction to rights in rem. Possession, ownership, intellectual property.

Introduction to the law on Obligations

Introduction to Contract law


Information Law (U. Münster)

Legal issues concerning the registry of domains

Online Marketing


Data Protection Law

Liability of Internet Service Provider


Penal  Law

Introduction to European Computer Crime (U. Belfast)

Law in the Information Society

Introduction to Cybercrime

Crime in the Information Society

Final Assignment


Cybercrimen (U.Torun)

Harmonisation Of Cyber-Crime Legislation In The European Union Member States

Cyber-crime  from the criminological and legal perspectives

Council of Europe Convention on Cyber-crime

Harmonization of criminal law in the EU : goals and means

Third pillar instruments

Legal basis for fighting Internet crimes against children- European perspective

National legislation – database

Implementation of framework decisions by the Member States - EC reports




Public Law

Electronic Government (U. Zaragoza)

1.- Introduction

Basic concepts

ICTs’ history and development

Origins of Electronic Government

Advantages, benefits and risks

Politics and strategies to introduce Electronic Government

2.- Applications in Electronic Government, a systematization


From the Electronic Government definition to its classification

Agents in Electronic Administrations

Levels, areas and environments in Electronic government

Procedures, methods and tools in Electronic Government

The scheme in action

3.- Analysis and evaluation of Electronic Administrations


Basis for an analysis and assessment model

The analysis model

Documenting the environment and the socio-political and juridical frameworks

Analysis and assessment of the portals and services

4.- Normative aspects: basic principles


Privacy and computers

E government, communications and different policies

Codes of practices

The consent


Information Security (U. Lapland)

Law is Communication

Need for Securities

Data Protection


International Dimensions of Information Security

Information Government











Business and Management Studies


Intellectual Property Law (U. Vaasa)


Right to Patents

Integrated Circuits

Firm and Trademark Law.

Selected parts of Model Law, Plant Breeding Law, Unfair Competition and Business Secrets. The legal protection for digital products is especially emphasized.



IT law (U. Mykolas Romeris, Vilnius)

Telecommunications Law In the EU

Computer Crimes

Protection of Intellectual Property In the Electronic Space

Electronic Commerce and Legal Regulation of Electronic Signature

Protection of Electronic Documents and Electronic Information



Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce (U. Beja, U. Vaasa, U. Zaragoza)

General Resources

Regulatory Framework

Information and Intellectual Property

Electronic Contracting

Finnish Regulations

Portuguese Regulations

Spanish Regulations


Legal Informatics (U. Mykolas Romeris, Vilnius)

General Juridical Regulation Premises of Information Technologies

Electronic Document and Electronic Commerce

Information Technology (It) and Law

Legal Regulation of Information Technologies – Privacy and Legal Security of Personal Data

Legal Regulation of Information Technologies – Breaches of The Law In Cyberspace

Regulation of Telecommunications and Illegal and Harmful Content


Market Law (U. Vaasa)

The regulation of marketing and legal estimation

The legal relation between enterprises.

Consumer protection in business.

Limitations of competition.

Public purchases.




Engineering Studies

Computer Law (IP Beja)

Legal Implications of the Information Society

Data Protection

Intellectual Property and Access to Information

Internet and E-Commerce Regulations

Computer Crimes Law



Social, Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing and Information Society (U. Bahcesehir)

Unwrapping The Gift


Freedom of Speech

Intellectual Property



Evaluating and Controlling Technology

Errors, Failures, and Risks

Professional Ethics and Responsibilities


Technologies for Legal Informatics (U. Bahcesehir)

Markup and search of legislative documents

Ontologies, semantics and semantic search

E-government technologies

Technologies for e-governance, e-democracy, and e-participation

Technologies for privacy protection

Technologies for protecting IPR(watermarking)

Technologies for combating computer crime

Software architectures


Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Software Agents