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LAW&ICT Shared Virtual Campus Newsletter - Issue No 25, November 2009

Welcome to the 25th  edition of the newsletter of the LAW&ICT Shared Virtual Campus.

The aim of this newsletter is to keep all the participants in the Virtual Campus activities and invited people informed of what happened during the last month.

The newsletter is also a way for partners to share information with the other partners. All the participants in LEFIS  are invited to send news to be included in the next number. Please, send the messages to    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



In this issue:


   Registration in the Law&ICT Shared Virtual Campus

   Report to the European Union

   Observatório do Governo Eletrônico

   EGOVIS 2010

   Next Meetings

   Recent Meetings


   The LEFIS Series




 Registration in the Law&ICT Shared Virtual Campus. 

The registration in the LAW&ICT Shared Virtual Campus e-learning offer (Official offer, LEFIS Master, LEFIS Specialization Certificates and LEFIS courses of Professional specialization) is open. The brochure that provides information about the courses is here

The references to the registration, contents and participation in the Master, Certificates and courses will be given by:

Administrative questions


PºFernando el Católico, 2, entr.

50005 Zaragoza

+34 976 351508

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Academic questions

Fernando Galindo Ayuda

Facultad de Derecho

Tel.- +34 976761455

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Report to the European Union

Report to the European Union on the Law&ICT Shared Virtual Campus

Observatório do Governo Eletrônico

The first results of  the South-American activities of the LEFIS Observatório do Governo Eletrônico are here


Call for Papers. International Conference on  Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective. EGOVIS 2010 in conjunction with DEXA 2010

Bilbao (Spain)August 30-September 3, 2010 The call is here

Next Meetings

IRIS2010, 25.-27.2.2010; Universität Salzburg

BILETA2010, 29.-30.3.2010; Universität Wien

KnowRight2010, 5.-6.5.2010; Universität Wien

EDem10, 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010,  6-7.5.2010; Danube-University Krems

Recent Meetings

II Simposio sobre XML Legislativo

8º Encontro Íbero-Latino-Americano de Governo Eletrônico e Inclusão Digital

Curitiba Meetings


European Journal of Law and Technology

Revista Democracia Digital e Governo Eletrônico

URBE. Revista Brasileira de Gestâo Urbana

The LEFIS Series

The edited volumes of the LEFIS Series list are here.

The content of the LEFIS Series, part of the LEFIS Digital Library, can be searched here

Five new volumes of the LEFIS Series are in different preparation phases in this moment:

Derecho, gobernanza y tecnologías de la información en la sociedad del conocimiento, Galindo, F., Rover A. (eds), vol. 7

Electronic Government, Galindo, F., Garcia Marco, J., Lasala, P, vol. 8.

History of Legal Informatics, Paliwala, A. (ed.), vol. 9

E-Democracia, Mezzaroba, O. (ed.), vol. 10

Redes sociais e Governo Eletrônico. Rover, A. (ed.), vol. 11


Faculty of Law C/ Cerbuna 12; 50009 Zaragoza (Spain) Phone: +34976761455 Fax: +34976761499 Contact: Fernando Galindo:
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