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Law & ICT Meeting, Northern Ireland

9th and 10th June

Travel Arrangements


The 'Belfast meeting' will take place in Portaferry, a village which is 30 miles to the south of Belfast. It lies at the mouth of Strangford Lough, which is a site of various scientific and tourist interests ( Location is here:

Why here? Belfast is like most other medium size cities and we felt that a meeting planned in the village of Portaferry would give you a different type of meeting. The only downside is if you are a shopper – the closest shopping locations are Newry (just over the border from the Republic of Ireland) and Belfast. Both of these are currently full of shoppers from the Euro-zone due to the poor/good exchange rate (depending upon whether you are paid in £ or €).

The meeting will be held on 9th and 10th June, with accommodation available for the nights of 8th, 9th and 10th June. 12 rooms have been booked for attendees.

Getting There by Air

There are three airports which you might consider:

l Dublin – this is the major airport in Ireland and has a substantial number of direct international flights (including Ryanair). It is likely that flying to Dublin will offer the lowest flight cost and most connections. See for details of airlines who use Dublin airport.

l Belfast City – this is a small airport very close to the centre of Belfast. It has no international flights, and you arrive here, then you are likely to have flown in from Gatwick, Stanstead or Heathrow (all in London) or via Birmingham or Manchester. Details of airlines using this are at It is 30 miles from Portaferry.

l Belfast International – this is the larger airport serving Belfast and is the one which international flights use. See for airlines: It is 17 miles to the north of Belfast, and 45 miles to Portaferry. Easyjet make use of this airport.

Getting to one of these airports will probably be the easiest part of your journey. You then have to travel to Portaferry which has one major problem. As its name suggests, there is a ferry across the fast flowing narrows. This does not run all night, so attendees arriving from Dublin must ensure that they don't miss the last ferry.

Getting to Portaferry

l From Dublin. There is a very good bus link between Dublin Airport and Belfast. We suggest that you use this, and alight at Newry. We will do our best to arrange transport from Newry to Portaferry. Dublin Airport to Newry is about 90 minutes and a further 45 minutes to the ferry. There are two firms operating the Airport to Belfast service, both of these are just outside the arrivals area, and details of services can be got from:

l From Belfast International Airport. There is a good bus link (25 minutes) into Belfast City Centre. You can take a local bus to Portaferry ( which leaves from Laganside Bus Centre (ask to be dropped off there from the Airport service) or you can take a taxi. A taxis would cost £30 or more.

l From Belfast City Airport. Taxi to Laganside Bus Centre and then the bus, or taxi direct to Portaferry (once again a minimum of £30).

The Ferry

The ferry does not operate during the night. The last ferry from Strangford to Portaferry is at 10.30 and the first ferry from Portaferry to Strangford is at 7.45. You must remember this when you are booking your flight. The ferry costs just over 1 for a foot passenger. Details are at:

The meeting accommodation is just at the ferry slipway -

If you are travelling from Dublin and your flight is late, consider whether you are going to make the ferry, it may be better to stay at Dublin Airport and travel up the next morning.


Please let me have your transport details asap and also a mobile contact number.

If you need advice on travel before you book your flight, just email me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and I will do my best to advise.

When you have arrived, my mobile number is +44 (0)755 218 7962 Please call on arrival at the airport so that I know you are on your way.

Philip Leith




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